Open Ladies National Bronze Medallist 

Silver Medalist At the European Open Ladies Championships

Competed In First Two Stops Of The US Pro Tour.


WWA Wake Games Junior Ladies Champion 

WWA Gravel Tour Stop 2 Ladies Champion

4th Place IWSF Wakeboard World Championships 


European Champion 2010 (Boat)

National Junior Ladies Champion 2010 (Boat)

National Pro Ladies Champion 2010 (Boat)

Overall 2nd place at the UK Pro Tour

UK Pro Tour Stop 2 2nd (Boat)

UK Pro Tour Stop 1 3rd (Boat)

Love Jam Pro Ladies Winner (Cable)


Wakestock Pro Ladies Champion 2009

National Pro Ladies Champion 2009 (Boat)

National Junior Ladies Champion 2009 (Boat)


No 1 Ranked Europe – Junior Ladies

2008 EAME European Championship – Silver Medallist (Boat)

2008 EAME European Championship – Team Gold (Boat)

2008 Open Nationals Open Ladies – Gold Medallist (Boat)

2008 National Junior Ladies – Gold Medallist (Boat)

2008 Cable Nationals – Silver Medallist (Cable)

2008 Knight Rider – Winner Juniorr Ladies (Cable)


2007 Air Nautique Boat Championships – girls Gold Medallist

2007 British Nationals – Bronze Medallist girls  (Boat)

2007 British Nationals – Bronze Medallistst g




irls (Cable)


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