Anthem Wake Park

So this place is AWESOME! The cable has only been open a few weeks so its pretty fresh. Riding with Carro has been fun we are just pushing each other to ride and try stuff which is perfect for the pre season! 

We have both now learnt a new trick and there are many more on the list to tick off!

Below is not the best picture of me riding but its hot and I have no wetsuit on! Yipeee 🙂


As it has been winter and we both have not been riding that much we both feel pretty beat up! I feel like every time I cough of sneeze someone is kicking me in the abs! So as we were both aching we thought we would go and check out the local massage place. Now I understand why people say that Thai people beat you up when they massage you… but it was great I cannot wait to go and pay another 3 pound for an hour to go and be beat up! Haha! 

Last night we went to a beach party that was to promote Anthem. It was pretty fun and cool to see the beach, there was body painting, drinking and dancing!


We had good weather when we got there but unfortunately as the night went on there was a nice thunder storm that decided to come and get us all wet!! I think we are going to go deep sea fishing one day this week.. It will be so much fun!  Image


Anyway its time to go out and have some dinner here. We are going to this cool little Thai restaurant just underneath our apartment. I am loving the authentic Thai food! 

Catch y’all tomorrow hopefully with another new trick in the bag!! 




So this is my first time over this side of the world and its awesome! Thai people are so friendly and the weather is hot and I have managed to get a bit of a vest tan from riding :/….. will have to work on getting rid of that!

I have been here for around 3 days now and have been riding at Anthem wake park its so awesome! The cable is 12 meters high which makes air tricks fun. They have also got a S2 so I am hoping to learn a bit on there then move on to the big cable and claim some new tricks in the bag! They have also got a fresh water lake and its like a bath!! 

Anyway I am going to go and get ready for our beach party tonight that Anthem are hosting !! Will update you guys soon!!

Keep it real! Charlotte x 


Season is starting!

Hey everyone!

So the spring is almost here which means it is time to jet off to a warmer climate to get some training in before the summer starts. I am in the process of booking an awesome start to the year!

I am off to Thailand in a week for the first time ever. I am so excited to be going to experience Thailand and to be riding at Phuket wake park!

I will be keeping you up to date whilst I am out there with some lovely pictures of the warm weather and flat glassy water. Just to make you jealous if you are in a cold country!

I have many more plans and will be sharing them with you soon, but first I am going to finish up this week by leaving my current job and getting ready for Thailand!

Catch y’all soon!

Today antics

So today consisted of me getting on to my healthy fitness kick!
Started the day of with a nice bowl of cereal then a 15k cycle then I went to work and then had a gym session!
First day is going good lets see if I can keep it up!

Winter is here

So I have been really bad at blogging, yes I know I have said that all year! But I am going to make an effort to get better at it! 

This summer was a fun season, I had a lot of fun riding and being back on the water after being injured at the end of last season. This year I took the Silver Medal in the Europeans which I was super happy about as it was my first year in the new category for me. 

I am just making my winter plans now and I will let you all know what they are when I have decided !! But I am pretty sure that next season is going to be another great season and I am looking forward to it coming around all ready, but first lets let the snow fall and have some fun in that!

Hope you are all having a great winter so far!!



Fun Edit From America

When I was in America I was staying with Raimi Merritt and she rode at Otown with Glen Fletcher. I tagged a long and the guy from Wakeboardingfilms was there and he got some footage of me. He has put together this awesome, cheesy, funny little edit of me! Take a look. But I do warn up it is slightly corny! lol