Thailand Is Awesome!

Here it is guys, myself and Carro have been working on this edit for the past coupled of weeks whilst in Thailand. We are really pleased with it as when we first were putting it together we decided that we wanted to involve a lot of lifestyle shots as well as riding shots. I think that it came out pretty good considering that we are not professionals behind the camera or editing suites!
I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks to Anthem Wake Park for such an amazing time!!


Goodbye Australia

It has come to the end of the World Cup and it is now time to head home. I have had such a great time and I am so grateful to have been invited! 

Hanging out with Raimi, Nicola, Carro and Andrew. 



Although I did not ride my best it was still a great experience and I now am ready to go out and train for the rest of the season. But before I go off and start training it is time to go home and visit my family for a bit! So I shall be in the UK for a week or two then I am hoping to head of to Florida for some training.. 

Anyway time to get on my flight home to the sunny UK. Bye guys! 

Day 1 at the World Cup

After a long day of traveling we finally make it to the site we are staying at. Its pretty cool its 3 bedroom apartment and all of the wakeboarders are in the same area so it good to hang out.

After 5hrs sleep I woke up to a great breakfast that I have been craving for a while. Thai food is so good but after 3 weeks I was craving a good continental breakfast and Australia delivered a good one!

After breakfast it was time to go out and practice behind the awesome Mastercraft Xstar. Unfortunately the weather was not that great and as we are on the Ocean it was pretty choppy and tones of rollers everywhere, which makes wakeboarding very difficult. So practice was not the best!

Anyway I have got my heats and I am in the second heat so I should be out at about 5:45am UK time, so if you want to support me then get online to


I have got a pretty tough heat but I am looking forward to taking part in my first world cup stop! Hopefully the weather will be a bit better tomorrow so we will actually be able to compete good. Anyway bed time for me as important business is going down tomorrow! Haha!

Take care and wish me luck!

Ice Coffee When Leaving Thailand.

Waking up at 5am to catch a flight is always a bit tiring so an ice coffee was needed!

So now we are on our way to Australia for the World Cup stop in Perth. You can watch it live on this link

Here is the link to check out the timings and other information!

Wish us luck and I hope you are watching!



Will blog about Perth when I get there! Australia here I come!! 🙂


So a couple of weeks ago I got my invite to go back to Wakestock which I am happy about. This contest isone of the funniest of the year. The lineup for the festival is already looking good, I can’t wait for more bands to be announced. 


If you are looking for VIP tickets I have got a very limited amount of tickets for sale. And they are worth the money you get good things with them! Also its Wakestock and you will be able to hang out with the riders with these tickets! Give me a shout if you are interested! You can get me on facebook, twitter or email. Image

Hope to see you all there! 

Thanks Anthem Wake Park

I would just like to thank Anthem Wake Park for probably one of the best trips I have had. It is such a sick cable. If any of you get a chance to go to Thailand you need to visit here.

Not only did we get to ride but we were showed around Phuket as well, we would ride in the morning the go to the beach for lunch and a swim then head back and ride some more. It was paradise! Also we went and did tourist things like visit Krabi and go on a cruise around the whole of Phuket, it was just such a good vibe and I can’t wait to go back! 

Now I am in Bangkok getting some training in on the boat for the World Cup which I have in a weeks time. I am super excited about this as I have never been to Australia! 

Below are a few shots that were taken at Anthem in the morning shoot that we did. Image



World Cup

Yesterday when I was riding at Anthem Paul Fong came to check out the cable for a possible even in 2014. When I introduced myself and spoke to him he asked if I wanted to go to Australia in two weeks to attend the World Cup. This invitation was pretty much a no brainer as I have always wanted to attend the world cup and its pretty much the top series of events that happen. 

So instead of flying home in two weeks I am going to be heading over to Australia for the first time and compete and maybe see how I feel and explore a little bit of Aus after the event! 

Super excited! Australia here I come!