Wake Games

So a couple of weeks ago I decided that I was going to enter the Wake Games event out here in Orlando. I was riding in the Professional Women’s catagory which meant that it was going to be tough. This event had a great turn out for the Pro Women’s catagort and there was a Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and a Finals. This is very rare to see more than 2 rounds in this catagory. This is great for women’s wakeboarding and shows that it is still growing! 

This event went really well for me! I was really happy with how I ended up riding and where I placed. I made it through the first round with a stand up pass. The next day was the Semi Finals day I also rode really well in this round and stood up my pass, but unfortunately I just do not have enough tricks yet to be contending with the finalists. I am not far away from being in the finals so I am really amped to go out and learn more to make sure that I make the finals. 

So the top 6 women make the finals and I just missed out with a 7th place which I am super happy about! Bring on the rest of the season and here is to new tricks! 

Here are a few photos from the event. 




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