Weekend Of Glass?!

According to the weather on the Iphone we were meant to be having a horrible stormy weekend… But the Iphone lied! We had one of the hottest days and the lake was glass. 

Myself and Nancy started off the morning with a nice bike ride around the lake which is about 12km… my aim is to make it twice by the time I leave! After that we came home a helped Ms Cameron bake some cookies for the party we have got here Sunday.. They turned out pretty dam good! 

After baking we went for a nice paddle board across the lake. Paddle boarding is so relaxing it was a great way to catch some rays too. I am already looking forward to getting out there in the morning. After we finished we went to grab some food and watch a movie but in between this I managed to grab the best shot of the “Gates to Heaven!” Check it out below and on my instagram @charlottebryant


So I am not too angry at the Iphone for telling porky pies today! I am actually grateful… Good job Iphone! I hope the week is like this so I can throw some good Mooooves down at C.O.W Wakes! 

Speak to ya’ll soon! 



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