Hi there, so after the world cup I spent about two weeks at home sorting a few bits out and catching up with the family. It was lovely to see them all, but I have to say the weather was very poor! So I decided I needed to get out to Florida asap!


So when I finally decided on a date I booked my flight and I was off out of England. I have been in Florida for about a week now and the weather is getting better and better. Typically when I first arrived it was storming (as it always does when I first arrive, but I love a Florida storm so its ok!). Now we have reacher 90 degrees and I am wakeboarding twice a day. Its perfect, it is also top off with the great boat that I am riding behind! Here at Chain Of Wakes they have just got the brand new 2013 Xstar and this is an insane machine! I love it. 


I have a good feeling that some new tricks will go down on this beast! If you have not yet rode on this boat you need to get yourself on one. There is going to be a demo day at Quayside on the 27th and 28th of April so get on down and ride the 2013 Xstar that is in the UK!! 


Anyway time for bed I am pooped after all this training! I feel like I am in the gym when out there! Working hard is the key to success! 

Peace friends 🙂 



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