Anthem Wake Park

So this place is AWESOME! The cable has only been open a few weeks so its pretty fresh. Riding with Carro has been fun we are just pushing each other to ride and try stuff which is perfect for the pre season! 

We have both now learnt a new trick and there are many more on the list to tick off!

Below is not the best picture of me riding but its hot and I have no wetsuit on! Yipeee 🙂


As it has been winter and we both have not been riding that much we both feel pretty beat up! I feel like every time I cough of sneeze someone is kicking me in the abs! So as we were both aching we thought we would go and check out the local massage place. Now I understand why people say that Thai people beat you up when they massage you… but it was great I cannot wait to go and pay another 3 pound for an hour to go and be beat up! Haha! 

Last night we went to a beach party that was to promote Anthem. It was pretty fun and cool to see the beach, there was body painting, drinking and dancing!


We had good weather when we got there but unfortunately as the night went on there was a nice thunder storm that decided to come and get us all wet!! I think we are going to go deep sea fishing one day this week.. It will be so much fun!  Image


Anyway its time to go out and have some dinner here. We are going to this cool little Thai restaurant just underneath our apartment. I am loving the authentic Thai food! 

Catch y’all tomorrow hopefully with another new trick in the bag!! 


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