Well what can I say Wakestock never fails to impress. Once again it was a great year and was a lot of fun. The music line up was awesome, the company of friends I haven’t seen in a while was amazing and the wakeboarding was incredible.


I arrived on Thursday afternoon after a smooth 6 hour drive in a sports car. I must say it was very comfortable compared to previous journeys there and back! When we arrived it was looking very positive as the sun was shinning and the ground was not muddy! As the night went on a lot more people were arriving and the party was getting more and more wild. Once I retreated to my bed at 3am I realized I did not have a sleeping bag so it was going to be one cold night for me! At about 6am it started to rain heavily, which woke me up. So I took a look out side of my tent and thought to myself welcome to Wales!

It was time to head down to the marina for qualifying. The rain was still coming down ridiculously heavy and there was no sign that it was going to stop. So the riders had to go and hit the water in lovely wet conditions. Although it was raining they had super calm and flat water. There was some awesome riding from the guys and girls. So now the finals were decided and everyone was getting pumped to ride on Saturday.


Friday night we all headed to the site and it was very muddy! It was not that nice I was struggling to keep my wellies on as I was walking!! Lol!!


So the finals day came and the wind picked up nicely for this. Once the tide was in the competition was under way. They started off with the Pro Womens finals then moved on to the Pro Mens semis and then there finals. The riding was not the best in the finals as the conditions were very tough but there were still some high tech tricks being throw down. Unfortunately I did not ride my best but I still had a lot of fun!

Well done to the podium finishers.

Pro Women:

1st Amber Wing

2nd Hayley Smith

3rd Nicola Butler


Pro Men

1st Dan Nott

2nd Danny Thollander

3rd Daniel Powers


So once again Wakestock did not fail to entertain. I am looking forward to next year already! Bring it on!



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