January Weekend

So I have finally managed to get a weekend off of my busy work lifestyle!! haha. This weekend has defiantly been one of the best so far. I took a trip up to Box End Park on Saturday for a ride. It was super super windy on the drive up, I was thinking to myself this is going to be absolutely hideous out there, I was picturing a white capping lake! I was so surprised that the lake was glassy and ready for me to get out there and shred the G-nar! So not only did we have pretty good conditions I had a wicked ride. Trying out new things on the rails and starting to do air tricks again after my injury. I really felt like it was all coming back to me, it was great!

Sunday was also just as windy! But I braved the aching body and the wind and hit up JB Ski. Got there and the wind was blowing straight down the lake, which meant it was super super choppy. Still got out there for a quick sesh. After my ride I ended up burning my fluffy winter hat. Pretty gutted about that to be honest was a pretty nice hat!

So after an awesome weekend I think I am going to have to go and get a massage! Aching body is a sign of a good weekend of riding!


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