Master Craft Junior Nationals – 2011

The Master Craft 2011 Junior Nationals were a get success. Once again a good amount of riders from all over the country turned up to take part in this National event. The weather man wasn’t 100% correct but he still managed to send us good weather vibes for the nationals the sun came out towards the end of the day it was nice and hot so none of the winter jumpers were needed! Also the wind stayed down and did not get that strong which meant that the course was flat and made it perfect for the Master Craft X2s wake.

The riding level of the groms has really impressed me this year I have noticed that the riders have been out there pushing themselves which has made them more consistent in there contest runs and some of them have learnt some new tricks. So we saw some solid riding and a lot of complete passes.

So once the judges had decided who placed where we had the presentation and the final results turned out like this….


A big big thank you to Quayside Wake and Ski, Master Craft and Wakeboard UK for hosting and/or supporting the Junior Nationals.

See you all next year at the 2012 Junior Nationals!

Thanks for reading

Charlotte x


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