Milano 2011.

So the 2011 World Championships have come to an end. With Team USA winning and Great Britain coming 5th!

The championships this year were by far one of the best events I have ever attended. I was amazed to see that 250 riders from 36 different countries had made the effort to travel to Milan for this Championship!!

The competition ran for 5 days and was a great success. With 4 of the 11 team riders making the finals, which was a great achievement. The team came away with many different personal achievements.

The Italians had put a lot of effort into this competition and made the opening ceremony one to remember! So thanks to the federation and the Italians for the effort they went to to make this competition one to remember!


Also when you go there you must go and visit the sites especially the Duomo Cathedral, it’s beautiful! I have never seen a building like it! You also can have a look around inside at the amazing features it has!





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