This weekend consisted of many fun activities! Check them out!

Saturday –                                                                                         

10:30: Woke Up

10:45: Ate Breakfast

11:00: Facebooked and Tweeted.

12:00: Outside Gym Work Out

1:00: 30 Minute Bike Ride

1:45: Paddle boarding

2:15: Lunch

2:30: Just Chilling

5:00: Chillis for dinner

7:00: Movies To See Fast Five (Was wicked!)

9:30: Shopping At Trusty Walmart

11:00: Fell Asleep!

Sunday –

10:00: Arose From My Bed

10:30: Eat Breakfast

11:00: Watch the Chelsea VS Man U Game (Was Shocking!)

2:00: Went To Hang Out With Will

 2:20: Got Gas For The Boat

3:30: Went Wake Surfing

7:00: Went To Publix To Get Food For The Grill

8:00: Grilled Out With a Few Beers

12:00: Came Home

12:30: Passed out


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