Lake Eloise

Hey guys,

So recently we have been riding on the lake over from Winterset that is called Lake Eloise. Some of you may recognize the name because you have rode on there before or just because you have heard of ‘Cypress Gardens Adventure Park’. Lake Eloise is one of the biggest lake on that chain which means that we can get really long lines whilst riding.

Eloise is a pretty lake as on one of the lines that we ride Cypress Gardens ski show stadium is.

On the way back into Lake Winterset we got pulled over by the water cops. They just wanted to check that we had the correct amount of life vests on the boat. After the cop had left PJ wanted to ride so had to ride in a ‘Coastguard approved’ vest. I took a photo of this because it was very funny as the jacket did not fit him too well check it out along with the other photos that i took!

Take Care.

Just sitting in the front of the boat through the canal

PJ's coastguard approved vest


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