Downtown Disney

Hey guys, so last weekend I went to hang out with my family as they have come into town to come and say hey as well as just chill out in the beautiful florida weather.

Friday night we went to Hollihans for a meal. When we woke up on Saturday morning we decided that it was defiantly an all you can eat breakfast morning. We then went to Sizzler for breakfast (I didn’t actually make full use of the ‘all you can eat’ part….silly me!!). After we filled up our faces we decided that we were going to go to Downtown Disney and take a stroll around and have a look in some of the shops. We ventured through the normal disney shops, the art shop and the amazing Goofy’s candy store.

I took a few photos of what we got up to when we were going through the shops. Take a look at the fun time i had with my family…

My favorite disney character.

Mickey and Minnie

Dale hats

Goofy's chocolate marshmallows and strawberries.

Oreo vanilla fudge with chocolate chips.


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