Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted in a while we have been without power for nearly 48hrs! Got hit really bad by a storm that was pretty much a tornado… one of the scariest things I have witnessed! So we have finally got our power back which is nice means we can shower and cook food without having to use candles to light up the rooms at night!

Throughout the storm I took some videos and pictures so that you could see what we went through it was mad. It just came down on us so quickly. We had just got in from the boat (I was about to go riding!!). We decided that they sky didn’t look to friendly so stopped riding and then when we got into the house the news was saying there was tornados heading our way. Pretty good job we didn’t stay out there!

Some crazy stuff went on during this storm. The trampoline got sent at least 10ft up into the air and there were trees falling down all over the place, which is why we didn’t have power because one fell on the power line!

Any way check out these videos that I took!


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