Wake Games

So a couple of weeks ago I decided that I was going to enter the Wake Games event out here in Orlando. I was riding in the Professional Women’s catagory which meant that it was going to be tough. This event had a great turn out for the Pro Women’s catagort and there was a Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and a Finals. This is very rare to see more than 2 rounds in this catagory. This is great for women’s wakeboarding and shows that it is still growing! 

This event went really well for me! I was really happy with how I ended up riding and where I placed. I made it through the first round with a stand up pass. The next day was the Semi Finals day I also rode really well in this round and stood up my pass, but unfortunately I just do not have enough tricks yet to be contending with the finalists. I am not far away from being in the finals so I am really amped to go out and learn more to make sure that I make the finals. 

So the top 6 women make the finals and I just missed out with a 7th place which I am super happy about! Bring on the rest of the season and here is to new tricks! 

Here are a few photos from the event. 






So I have been super bad at blogging. Who can blame me I have been having a blast! I have now come back out to Florida to train.

I have been doing really well and I am trying to push my riding as I have an ambition to do well this year!

The weather has been up and down here as there has been a few tornados. But I have still been riding through.


Here is a picture from my ride with Raimi the other day on the G23.


I will post up some more pics soon!

Early Morning Training

So from tomorrow I start my first comp of the American season… A little nervous I must say. However I had to share these photos with you that myself and Nancy took of the early morning set we took yesterday morning. 


The weather here as been a bit windy lately but we have been riding through it. I think everywhere is have some odd weather! Its still fun to be riding behind the awesome wake that the new MasterCraft Xstar throws out. 



I will keep you all posted on how the comp goes… Wish me luck! 


Weekend Of Glass?!

According to the weather on the Iphone we were meant to be having a horrible stormy weekend… But the Iphone lied! We had one of the hottest days and the lake was glass. 

Myself and Nancy started off the morning with a nice bike ride around the lake which is about 12km… my aim is to make it twice by the time I leave! After that we came home a helped Ms Cameron bake some cookies for the party we have got here Sunday.. They turned out pretty dam good! 

After baking we went for a nice paddle board across the lake. Paddle boarding is so relaxing it was a great way to catch some rays too. I am already looking forward to getting out there in the morning. After we finished we went to grab some food and watch a movie but in between this I managed to grab the best shot of the “Gates to Heaven!” Check it out below and on my instagram @charlottebryant


So I am not too angry at the Iphone for telling porky pies today! I am actually grateful… Good job Iphone! I hope the week is like this so I can throw some good Mooooves down at C.O.W Wakes! 

Speak to ya’ll soon! 



Hi there, so after the world cup I spent about two weeks at home sorting a few bits out and catching up with the family. It was lovely to see them all, but I have to say the weather was very poor! So I decided I needed to get out to Florida asap!


So when I finally decided on a date I booked my flight and I was off out of England. I have been in Florida for about a week now and the weather is getting better and better. Typically when I first arrived it was storming (as it always does when I first arrive, but I love a Florida storm so its ok!). Now we have reacher 90 degrees and I am wakeboarding twice a day. Its perfect, it is also top off with the great boat that I am riding behind! Here at Chain Of Wakes they have just got the brand new 2013 Xstar and this is an insane machine! I love it. 


I have a good feeling that some new tricks will go down on this beast! If you have not yet rode on this boat you need to get yourself on one. There is going to be a demo day at Quayside on the 27th and 28th of April so get on down and ride the 2013 Xstar that is in the UK!! 


Anyway time for bed I am pooped after all this training! I feel like I am in the gym when out there! Working hard is the key to success! 

Peace friends 🙂